Lot # 9 - Seattle Skyline Metal Wall Sculpture

Opening Bid : $ 5.00
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Start Date/Time: 17-May-2023 7:00:00 AM
End Date/Time: 24-May-2023 7:18:00 PM
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Description :

This cut steel wall sculpture melds many metal techniques and incorporates Seattle's "Mountains to the Water" theme. Among the recognizable buildings are the iconic Space Needle, the Columbia Center, and the Kingdome. No maker signature, but created sometime between 1982 (Columbia Center construction) and 2000 (Kingdome implosion).

Measures 21" H x 39" W

Auction History

Highest bidder is Mc

Date Bid User
24-May-2023 7:15:09 PM $160.00 Mc
24-May-2023 7:14:49 PM $155.00 PurpleHayes64
24-May-2023 7:12:03 PM $150.00 Mc
24-May-2023 7:12:03 PM $150.00 PurpleHayes64
24-May-2023 7:10:19 PM $145.00 Mc
24-May-2023 7:09:25 PM $140.00 PurpleHayes64
24-May-2023 7:08:14 PM $135.00 Mc
24-May-2023 7:07:51 PM $130.00 PurpleHayes64
24-May-2023 5:44:19 PM $121.00 Mc
24-May-2023 5:25:00 PM $116.00 Core876
24-May-2023 5:20:27 PM $111.00 Mc
24-May-2023 5:17:31 PM $106.00 Core876
24-May-2023 10:18:11 AM $101.00 salmonsam
24-May-2023 10:17:59 AM $91.00 Mc
24-May-2023 10:17:59 AM $90.00 salmonsam
22-May-2023 4:20:32 PM $86.00 Mc
22-May-2023 4:20:22 PM $85.00 PurpleHayes64
22-May-2023 4:20:22 PM $85.00 Mc
22-May-2023 4:20:14 PM $83.00 PurpleHayes64
22-May-2023 4:20:13 PM $82.00 Mc
22-May-2023 2:20:41 PM $81.00 PurpleHayes64
22-May-2023 2:20:31 PM $80.00 Core876
22-May-2023 2:20:31 PM $80.00 PurpleHayes64
21-May-2023 3:31:27 PM $79.00 Core876
21-May-2023 8:04:54 AM $77.00 PurpleHayes64
20-May-2023 6:29:58 PM $76.00 Core876
20-May-2023 6:29:35 PM $75.00 Mrfunkyfresh
20-May-2023 6:29:35 PM $75.00 Core876
20-May-2023 6:29:11 PM $71.00 Mrfunkyfresh
20-May-2023 6:29:11 PM $70.00 Core876
20-May-2023 6:29:01 PM $66.00 Mrfunkyfresh
20-May-2023 6:29:01 PM $65.00 Core876
20-May-2023 6:28:52 PM $61.00 Mrfunkyfresh
20-May-2023 6:28:52 PM $60.00 Core876
20-May-2023 4:40:25 PM $56.00 Mrfunkyfresh
20-May-2023 12:21:22 PM $55.00 PurpleHayes64
20-May-2023 12:21:22 PM $55.00 StarryBeckett
19-May-2023 6:22:58 PM $51.00 PurpleHayes64
19-May-2023 6:22:47 PM $50.00 StarryBeckett
19-May-2023 6:22:47 PM $50.00 PurpleHayes64
19-May-2023 6:22:39 PM $46.00 StarryBeckett
19-May-2023 6:22:38 PM $45.00 PurpleHayes64
19-May-2023 6:22:31 PM $41.00 StarryBeckett
19-May-2023 6:22:31 PM $40.00 PurpleHayes64
19-May-2023 6:22:23 PM $34.00 StarryBeckett
19-May-2023 6:22:23 PM $33.00 PurpleHayes64
19-May-2023 5:25:58 PM $32.00 StarryBeckett
19-May-2023 3:58:02 PM $31.00 PurpleHayes64
19-May-2023 5:57:45 AM $30.00 StarryBeckett
19-May-2023 5:57:45 AM $30.00 PurpleHayes64
18-May-2023 6:27:08 PM $28.00 StarryBeckett
18-May-2023 6:18:43 PM $16.00 ItalianNSeattle
18-May-2023 6:18:43 PM $15.00 PurpleHayes64
18-May-2023 6:18:26 PM $8.00 ItalianNSeattle
18-May-2023 6:18:26 PM $7.00 PurpleHayes64
17-May-2023 10:43:48 AM $6.00 ItalianNSeattle
17-May-2023 9:01:08 AM $5.00 Writer


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