Lot # 12 - Exquisite MCM Danish Buffet

Opening Bid : $ 5.00
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Start Date/Time: 12-Apr-2023 7:00:00 AM
End Date/Time: 19-Apr-2023 7:19:00 PM
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Description :

This buffet is a lovely example of MCM furniture's perfect combination of form and function. The curved edge finishes and sculptured legs with half-moon joins belie its efficient internal storage space. Two hinged doors on either end hide three sturdy shelves each, while the sliding recessed doors in the center of the console hide three longer shelves and three pull-out drawers with shaped fronts (additional shelf below the bottom drawer). Buffet measures 95" L x 33" H x 20" D. Please note some staining on top surface and lower right of hinged left door. 

Bidding on this lot is an agreement that: 

1. You will have 2 capable, able bodied persons to lift and load at a minimum.

*2. You will bring a dollie and/or any other tools needed to remove this item.If these steps are not followed your item will be forfeit and no refund given

*East Side Estate Co reserves the right to decide if extra person(s) and/or tool(s) are needed for a safe removal. Contact us prior to bidding if you have questions - Info@eastsideestateco.com

Auction History

Highest bidder is atticattr

Date Bid User
19-Apr-2023 7:15:09 PM $2,300.00 atticattr
19-Apr-2023 7:15:09 PM $2,275.00 gordoncambie
19-Apr-2023 7:14:02 PM $2,225.00 atticattr
19-Apr-2023 7:14:02 PM $2,200.00 gordoncambie
19-Apr-2023 7:11:52 PM $2,125.00 atticattr
19-Apr-2023 7:11:52 PM $2,100.00 gordoncambie
19-Apr-2023 7:11:03 PM $1,937.00 atticattr
19-Apr-2023 7:10:12 PM $1,912.00 gordoncambie
19-Apr-2023 7:10:04 PM $1,859.00 atticattr
19-Apr-2023 7:10:04 PM $1,834.00 gordoncambie
19-Apr-2023 7:09:57 PM $1,775.00 atticattr
19-Apr-2023 7:09:57 PM $1,750.00 gordoncambie
19-Apr-2023 7:08:36 PM $1,625.00 atticattr
19-Apr-2023 7:08:36 PM $1,600.00 ytf
19-Apr-2023 7:08:21 PM $1,525.00 atticattr
19-Apr-2023 7:08:21 PM $1,500.00 ytf
19-Apr-2023 7:06:58 PM $1,425.00 atticattr
19-Apr-2023 7:06:58 PM $1,400.00 ytf
19-Apr-2023 3:15:52 PM $1,325.00 atticattr
19-Apr-2023 3:15:52 PM $1,300.00 Mindy26
19-Apr-2023 3:15:34 PM $1,275.00 atticattr
19-Apr-2023 3:15:34 PM $1,250.00 Mindy26
18-Apr-2023 7:48:48 PM $1,225.00 atticattr
18-Apr-2023 7:48:37 PM $1,200.00 gordoncambie
18-Apr-2023 7:48:37 PM $1,200.00 atticattr
18-Apr-2023 7:39:23 PM $1,110.00 gordoncambie
17-Apr-2023 9:26:37 PM $765.00 atticattr
16-Apr-2023 7:15:27 PM $747.00 CCD
16-Apr-2023 7:15:27 PM $737.00 A Des
16-Apr-2023 7:12:12 PM $687.00 CCD
16-Apr-2023 7:12:12 PM $677.00 A Des
16-Apr-2023 7:11:52 PM $627.00 CCD
16-Apr-2023 7:11:52 PM $617.00 A Des
16-Apr-2023 2:51:32 PM $505.00 CCD
16-Apr-2023 2:51:32 PM $500.00 GrooveeD
16-Apr-2023 2:51:21 PM $405.00 CCD
16-Apr-2023 2:51:21 PM $400.00 GrooveeD
16-Apr-2023 1:02:31 PM $276.00 CCD
14-Apr-2023 5:52:20 PM $255.00 A Des
14-Apr-2023 3:40:39 PM $232.00 SarahBuysGoods
13-Apr-2023 9:43:47 PM $205.00 A Des
13-Apr-2023 1:00:59 PM $186.00 SarahBuysGoods
13-Apr-2023 1:00:48 PM $180.00 A Des
13-Apr-2023 1:00:48 PM $175.00 SarahBuysGoods
13-Apr-2023 9:04:44 AM $155.00 A Des
12-Apr-2023 2:05:10 PM $102.00 SarahBuysGoods
12-Apr-2023 1:11:43 PM $51.00 atticattr
12-Apr-2023 11:28:33 AM $46.00 SarahBuysGoods
12-Apr-2023 11:28:33 AM $45.00 Alli.Mara
12-Apr-2023 11:28:24 AM $43.00 SarahBuysGoods
12-Apr-2023 11:28:24 AM $42.00 Alli.Mara
12-Apr-2023 10:50:46 AM $41.00 SarahBuysGoods
12-Apr-2023 10:16:54 AM $18.00 petersonwebb
12-Apr-2023 10:16:45 AM $11.00 A Des
12-Apr-2023 10:16:45 AM $10.00 petersonwebb
12-Apr-2023 9:05:47 AM $5.00 A Des


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