Lot # 13 - Vintage Rare Nora Fenton Geometric Vase #2-9"

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Start Date/Time: 16-Mar-2023 7:00:00 AM
End Date/Time: 23-Mar-2023 7:12:00 PM
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9” tall, 8” diameter 

nora Fenton item 135 

Nora Fenton was a New York-based ceramic artist and designer who was active in the mid-20th century. Fenton was known for her elegant and stylish ceramics, which included decorative vases, figurines, and other items.One of Fenton's most popular designs was the blue and gold vase. These vases were typically made of porcelain and featured a deep blue glaze with gold accents. The vases were often decorated with intricate patterns and designs, such as geometric shapes.Fenton's blue and gold vases were highly sought after by collectors, and they remain popular today. The vases are often used as decorative pieces in homes, and they are also highly valued by collectors of mid-century modern design.Overall, Nora Fenton was an important figure in the world of mid-century design, and her blue and gold vases are a testament to her skill and creativity as a ceramic artist.

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23-Mar-2023 5:16:32 PM $14.00 PackRat
23-Mar-2023 5:16:32 PM $13.00 treasureseeker
23-Mar-2023 5:16:24 PM $11.00 PackRat
23-Mar-2023 5:16:24 PM $10.00 treasureseeker
22-Mar-2023 9:47:51 PM $8.00 PackRat
22-Mar-2023 9:47:51 PM $7.00 treasureseeker
22-Mar-2023 8:09:10 PM $6.00 PackRat
18-Mar-2023 2:30:54 PM $5.00 Stonekp

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